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Strength and Conditioning at Sequoia Movement

Redefine your strength.

Training Space

We operate from our incredible building in Penryn - one of the most unique and diverse training spaces in Cornwall.

Packed full of everything and everyone you could possibly need to get the very best out of your training session:

  • Highly experienced talented coaches, performing artists & professionals

  • Climbing / bouldering wall

  • Aerobic Conditioning machines - Ski, Bike and Rowing ergs

  • Variety of specialist barbells, calibrated plates and free weights

  • Aerial silks, Corde Lisse, Aerial rope, Lyra (Aerial Hoops), Pole

  • Gymnastic Rings

  • Trampoline

  • Yoke, Log, Farmers carry, safety squat bars, Sled and Sled Track

  • Mace bells, Cable pulls

  • Beast makers and hanging grip trainers

  • Full range of Calisthenics equipment; rig, salmon ladder, peg board

  • Handstand Canes, Handstand blocks & paralettes

  • Juggling Balls and much, much more.. 


Designed for those who want to discover the full extent of what their bodies are capable of.

We have moved locations!!

Now based in Penryn, Cornwall!


We are a training space designed for creativity and adventure through movement and the first of its kind in Cornwall.

At Sequoia we offer structured progressive training in Circus, Calisthenics, Aerials, Floor, Strength based fitness and skills classes, personal training and athlete programming and coaching to the young and the young at heart.

With an incredible team of specialist coaches from a diverse range of training backgrounds our classes apply unique training techniques from a variety of disciplines such as gymnastics, acrobatics, weights based training, functional movement and flexibility within one of the most exciting, fun and inclusive communities in Cornwall.

Whether you want to learn Calisthenics, Parkour or Handstands - Olympic Lifting, Movement or Aerial Trapeze; we have the classes, coaches and knowledge specific to all.


So, whatever your age, body type, athletic ability and history,  become a part of our thriving community of movement enthusiasts  and challenge seekers who truly believe in defying the impossible.

Be Inspired and learn to think, move and train differently at Sequoia Movement. 

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Handstand Class at Sequoia Movement, Cornwall
Mobility Class at Sequoia Movement, Cornwall
Mobility at Sequoia Movement, Cornwall
Juggling at Sequoia Movement, Cornwall

Our Philosophy

We want all of our students to feel physically prepared and confident for anything that life throws at them.

Coaching a unique combination of strength, calisthenics, circus and dance  we want to give your training purpose and meaning outside of mainstream aesthetics. We want you to move your body in the way nature intended. We want  you to run, jump, lift,  fall and crawl . We want you to turn yourself upside down and then the 'right way up' and create patterns of movement that are designed for actually living. We want you to laugh, compete, show off, be humbled, encourage and thrive! 


We want you to discover and enjoy everything your body can do and aim to encourage all those who train with us to create a physicality that fills them with confidence and pride, creating highly adaptable, able humans. 


Above all we want our students to feel excited to train each and every session.  

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Aerial Arts at Sequoia Movement, Cornwall
Calisthenics and Core Strength at Sequoia Movement
Climbing wall at Sequoia Movement, Cornwall
Sequoia Movement Merchandise

Journey Begins


Sequoia Movement Logo
Calisthenics at Sequoia Movement, Cornwall


Unlock skills you may never have thought possible with Calisthenics.   


Focused on body weight training, these classes are perfect for anyone who has ever had a desire to perform a pull-up, muscle-up or human flag. 

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Mobility Class at Sequoia Movement, Cornwall

Evolve your

Physical tasks require a strong body and force generated through movement. 


Develop your technique and form and challenge your body to reach new limits.

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Strength and Conditioning at Sequoia Movement, Cornwall

Explore your

Prepare the body and undo limitations placed on it from the modern world.

Re-discover how to move your body in the way it was designed to.

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Strength & Movement, Sequoia Movement, Cornwall
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