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Training Space

We have MOVED! We now operate from our incredible new one of a kind training spaces in Penryn, Cornwall - one of the most unique and diverse training spaces in Cornwall.

Packed full of everything and everyone you could possibly need to get the very best out of your training session:

  • Experienced talented coaches, performers & professionals

  • Climbing / bouldering wall

  • Aerobic Conditioning machines - Ski, Bike and Rowing ergs

  • Variety of specialist barbells, collaborated plates and free weights

  • Aerial silks, Corde Lisse, Aerial rope, Lyra (Aerial Hoops), Pole

  • Gymnastic Rings

  • Trampoline

  • Yoke, Log, Farmers carry, safety squat bars, Sled and Sled Track

  • Mace bells, Cable pulls

  • Beast makers and hanging grip trainers

  • Full range of Calisthenics equipment; rig, salmon ladder, peg board

  • Handstand Canes, Handstand blocks & paralettes

  • Juggling Balls

Creativity Space

Strength Pitt Sequoia Movement


Our Black Rubber Mats are where the majority of our classes take place.  This area is designed for impact and is where our Calisthenics and weighted classes take place.

Training Space at Sequoia Movement


Our soft matted area is where our movement, mobility and handstand classes train from.

Training Space at Sequoia Movement


Our custom built training wall is perfect for climbing enthusiasts to build up grip time on the wall.  Complete with full size shock-absorbing pro-matt crash mats.

Climbing Wall  at Sequoia Movement
Sequoia Movement Evolution Ring Graphic

The Circus Works

Our roots began with the incredible Circus Works, Devoran -

where the whole building played host to an abundance of circus training equipment, aerials, crash mats, uni-cycles, poi, stilts, tightropes, fitness poles and a trampoline.

We have now grown to needing our own facility relocating ourselves to Penryn, Cornwall.

Unicycles at the Circus Works
Calisthenics at Sequoia Movement
Trapeze Bars at Sequoia Movement

The Collective

We're more than a training space.  We're a Collective.

At Sequoia we believe in the power of community and that everyone should have the opportunity, support and knowledge to achieve their goals and unlock their physical potential.  We have world class talent across a huge variety of disciplines meaning you get access to a huge range of fitness classes and circus based skills.

Sharing our unique vision we work closely with the Circus Works, Devoran who bring two of Cornwall's most well known circus's - Airfish Circus and Cirque Du Ciel - Sequoia works collaboratively with professional trainers, fitness instructors, performers and professionals throughout the county.

Cirque du Ciel

Catering to children and teens. Cirque du Ciel is a small circus, with a big heart, and even bigger ideas, offering opportunities to learn, develop, perform, and get involved in Circus, throughout Cornwall, and Devon!

Based in Devoran, Cornwall at The Circus Works.

Airfish Circus

Airfish offer workshops and weekly classes for children and adults, covering all things circus and aerial fitness.  Such things as Aerial Hoop, Static Trapeze, Tissu (Aerial Silks), Aerial Chandelier and Corde Lisse (Aerial Rope).

Based in Devoran, Cornwall at The Circus Works.

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