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  • Do I need to be a member to take part in a class?
    Absolutely not, we want to teach as many people our philosophy and practises as possible - so come along! We offer pay as you go class passes at £10 a session.
  • I'm a complete beginner, where do I start?
    We suggest starting with one of our Strength and Conditioning sessions so our trained personal trainers can assess how you move, what strengths and limitations you hold in your movement, establish your goals and how best to start your training with us. All our classes are suitable for both beginner to advanced movers and all movements can be modified, progressed and changed as required by each individual student.
  • Do I need to book on or can I turn up on the day?
    All students need to pre-book the class they wish to attend with us via our goteamup booking app.
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