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We Believe in Humans

At Sequoia we believe in humans, and their ability to adapt and grow given the right stimulus.

We believe in the idea of hybrid athletes.

People who can run, climb, juggle, lift heavy weights and flow through hand balancing sequences. All on the same day. It’s a very intriguing prospect; to be good at everything. It’s also very difficult.

It’s much easier to specialise. Getting as strong as possible becomes much more of a task when also trying to be flexible at the same time. Becoming a better handbalancer is a lot easier without heavy legs from squatting.

It’s not easy.

So why pursue it?

Sometimes the challenge is its own reason.

Sir Edmund Hilarys famous quote when asked why he was climbing Everest was “Because it’s there”

It’s in our DNA to want to chase seemingly impossible tasks. The concept of training oneself to compete in entirely opposing disciplines is exactly what we’re about at Sequoia.

So how does it work?

We’ve compiled a team of coaches who are experts in their fields and we structure our timetable so that a couple hours in the gym might have you handstanding, throwing medicine balls and deadlifting one day, followed by gymnastic ring work and middle splits the next.

Our coaching staff have spent years fine tuning their craft and the programming we’ve put together is proven to create formidable hybrid athletes.

We progress our students' movements week by week using intelligent steps to bridge the gaps into the more difficult levels. Every new skill gained unlocks another path and pattern to explore.

Achieving a ring muscle up opens the door to ring rolls, weighted reps or swinging uprises.

Or how about all three? The people we coach that are chasing those goals start with their first pull-up, and over time it builds into amazing abilities.

You’re a powerful animal, capable of incredible things given the right environment.

We believe Sequoia is one of those places.

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