Personal Training & Coaching

Experienced, qualified and highly motivated personal trainers and fitness coaches based in Devoran, Cornwall.

With training plans and workouts specifically designed to build confidence, strength and physical ability we provide quality coaching that unlocks physical potential and leads to self discovery and results.


At Sequoia Movement we believe that every human is physically elite and undeniably capable of achieving with the right knowledge, dedication and foundations - anything within the realms of the physically possible. 

No matter where you are on your physical journey, you will have the support and motivation you need to achieve your full potential.

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"It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable of" Socrates

Strength Coach

Fully qualified personal trainer and Crossfit Level 2 trainer with over ten years experience in the fitness industry. Adam has trained some of the worlds top athletes in a wide range of sports such as Boxing and MMA, Motocross, Rugby League, CrossFit, Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, Ice hockey and Kayak Polo.

His coaching has helped produce multiple national podiums, CrossFit regionals athletes, World championship competitors and countless personal bests.


Born in Australia he grew up competing in every sport possible from Australian Rules Football and basketball to Obstacle Course Races and Strongman.


The former owner of a successful CrossFit gym, he brings a unique and very broad skill set to Sequoia. Having trained Everest summiteers, won state titles in log lifting and bouldered with Chris Sharma in Barcelona his wealth of knowledge is sure to be able to help you on your journey of physical improvement.

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"We tend to forget, even baby steps move us forward" Source Unknown

Mobility & Flexibility Coach

Another of our resident Aussies, Tully’s fitness journey began in her mid-twenties when she started practicing yoga while living in Canada quickly taking her passion as a student on to become a trained yoga instructor. 

Specialising in Yin and Vinyasa yoga Tully uses her years of experience and training as a well informed base as she continues her own journey of discovery and exploration of movement.


Tully offers accessible and inclusive classes that provide opportunities for play and challenge throughout. Understanding that all bodies are different she implements different styles of movement and stretch into her classes. 

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"The noblest art is that of making others happy" 

P.T. Barnum

Handbalance & Circus Rings Coach

Ahmed first began performing professionally as an acrobat in Busch Gardens, Florida. Following this he performed for four years as an acrobat and hand-balancer for the world-renowned Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus’s. This is the three ring American Circus which the Greatest Showman movie was centred around.


Touring with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, Ahmed performed all over the USA playing in arenas such as Madison Square Garden in New York City. He then continued to perform a Golden Statue hand balancing act for Ringling in their newly opened tent show Barnum’s Kaleidoscape. After a two-year tour, Barnum’s Kaleidoscape closed and The Golden Statues performed in several venues including Six Flags in Houston Texas.

During his time with Ringling Bros. he trained other performers helping them to perfect their hand-balancing skills.

He has a flair for handstand balancing and now enjoys creating new and breath-taking acts including his high-rise chair balancing performance. He is keen to pass on his skills to others along with his acrobatic artistry.

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"You're always one decision away from a totally different life" Source Unknown

Calisthenics Coach

With personal training that is dedicated to supporting people of all fitness levels and needs ​Sarah is able to have her clients see beyond aesthetics and simply monitoring the scales. Seeking to help create performance based goals centred around athletic success, skill acquisition and rediscovering movement Sarah uses a wide range of training methods, workouts  and techniques to keep her clients motivated and continually progressing.


Recently returning from Sydney, Australia Sarah is driven and passionate about the fitness industry, training clients from top Olympic athletes, Crossfitters, Obstacle Race competitors and everyday men and women looking to get fit and create a sustainable, enjoyable fitness lifestyle.  

No matter how fit you are or what lifestyle or sporting background you have, Sarah can help you achieve your goals. 

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"Don't wait for opportunity, create it!" 

Debasish Mridha

Acrobatics & Hand balance Coach

Liams love for acrobatics and physical movement started when he took part in his first ever gymnastics class, at the ripe old age of18 months.


From there his passion for circus and doubles acrobatics grew and drove him to pursue a full time career in acrobatic performance.


The challenge of performing is what draws Liam to it. The constant push to have your body and mind learn and achieve new things.

Liams list of skills are vast and include such disciplines as Partner Acrobatics, Juggling, Physical Theatre, Hand Balance, Tumbling and Aerial Straps. 

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"Tanz Tanz sonst sind wir verloren"

"Dance Dance otherwise we are lost" Pina Bausch

Dance & Movement Coach

Beginning his career at the age of 16, Jorge began with classical ballet studying both Russian and French styles. Shortly after he complimented his training with contemporary, modern, hip hop and ballroom.


After auditioning for EDCN in Lisbon and successfully gaining a place Jorge was invited to be part of CIA Jovem project company where he trained and performed for 18 months. 


Numerous competitions and performances later - he is now a much loved coach with Sequoia Movement. 

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'Etre et Durer' - To be and to last

Parkour Coach

Starting Parkour in London in early 2007, Steve learnt from some of the founders of the discipline and still keeps an old skool approach to his training. Strength and endurance were a large part of the early Parkour scene even before it became known as Parkour and Freerunning and Steve tries to keep this approach as a foundation of his training along with creativity and exploration.


Gaining his Level 2 qualification in Parkour coaching from Sport England back when Parkour was only just being recognised as a legitimate sport, Steve also has a gym instructor cert and experience of running his own Parkour facility with his wife Sarah.


Still training outdoors weekly and connected to the Parkour community worldwide, Steve loves the possibilities Parkour offers and hopes to continue training for life.

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"You can start late. Look different. Be uncertain. And still succeed." Misty Copeland

Aerial Coach

Our local circus performer and coach, Ruth has performed festivals, showcases and big tops. Specialising in duo hoop and solo and duo trapeze Ruth is dynamic, driven and extremely talented.

Based in Penzance Ruth has been coaching circus skills for the past 3 years working with circus charity Cirque du Ciel and teaching both child and adult classes at the Acorn theatre in Penzance.

Firmly believing that your body is the best tool that you will ever own, Ruth has practiced yoga daily for the last 20 years to keep fit for her job as a gardener (currently head gardener at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens)...and then she discovered circus and never looked back.

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"You will become better at whatever you do, or don't do." Ido Portal 

Movement Coach

With over 12 years in the fitness industry as a Qualified Personal Trainer, Steve has helped many clients achieve their personal goals.

Having a BSc Hons Sports Studies Degree provided him with a strong foundation of sports and exercise knowledge and principles to build from. Inspired by the Ido Portal Method/ Movement Culture he continues to explore and learn with the philosophy of humans are highly complex and adaptable, exploring possibilities with the approach of be a generalist not a specialist. 

Learning through tasks, challenges and play to increase movement capacity and increase simulation and re-learn the essence of being human first before we can excel.

Steve will make you move in a wide variety of ways, move better, move more, be adaptable, become resilient, move yourself through your environment, learn new skills and develop yourself, reconnect with nature and each other.

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