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Calisthenics Class


Fitness Class - 60 minutes - Devoran

What is Calisthenics?


Calisthenics is focused on body weight training and is perfect for anyone who has ever had a desire to perform a pull up. For complete beginners to advanced movers this class is for anyone wanting to upgrade their ninja skills or looking to master their back lever, muscle up, handstand pushup and more. This body weight only class will push you to new levels and have you unlocking skills you may never have thought possible.

Whether you're trying to get your first pull-up or adding seconds to your front lever these sessions have something for everyone.


Gymnastic Rings

Circus Rings

Skills Class - 60 minutes - Devoran

Often referred to as the single best piece of training equipment, gymnastic rings can be used to build the most impressive upper body strength imaginable.

Coached by longtime circus performer Ahmed Lamarti, you will spend the hour long session taking turns on the high rings, learning to swing, roll, spin and flow. This is a challenging discipline and it’s recommended you try our calisthenics class first if you are new to body weight training.



Aerial Lyra (Hoop)

Aerial Skills - 90 minutes - Penzance

Learn the skills and tricks needed to run away with the circus with our aerial Lyra classes (also known as aerial hoop)


This class will build your strength, teach you beautiful moves and dynamic drops that leave you feeling accomplished and proud of what you body is capable of achieving.  


Olympic Lifting

Olympic Lifting 

Skills Class - 60 minutes - Devoran

Often referred to as gymnastics with a barbell - Olympic lifting will allow you to build explosive power and gain athletic edge in any pursuit you're currently chasing with the principles of weightlifting forming a fantastic basis of anybody's exercise regime.


This is a skill development class and will provide high level coaching on technique and form. Using a mix of Olympic weightlifting and plyometrics these sessions are for those that want to be fast and powerful.


Partner Acro Classes Cornwall.JPG

Partner Acro (Jam)

Skills Class - 60 minutes - Devoran

Throw down the weights and pick up a friend. This class is designed to challenge your balance, strength, mobility and sense of fun. 

Partner Acro consists of two or more people working as either a base or a flyer, moving through static or dynamic sequences. 

Duo Assaya

Stretch and Flexibility

Stretch and Flex

Fitness Class - 60 minutes - Devoran

The majority of us would love to be more flexibility but most of us struggle to find the time to dedicate to it. So this 60 minute class is designed to allow you to do just that. 


Focusing on improving your flexibility in key areas such as shoulder mobility, leg splits and back bends this class is a chance to focus in on those problem areas so you can start see progress. 


Contortion and Flexibility Class


Fitness Class - 60 minutes - Devoran

Its time to get bendy! Join our contortion class and learn the incredible skills that leave audiences in disbelief. ​

A class for beginners to advanced this class is designed for those wanting to reach beyond touching their toes and instead reach for their toes to touch their head! 

In a group environment this class makes the long hours of stretching required, fun! Providing you with a solid base of flexibility to transfer on to almost every other  circus discipline.


Hand Balance Class

Hand Balance

Skills Class - 90 minutes - Devoran

One of the most sought after calisthenics moves with in the fitness industry. The hand stand.


Who doesn’t want the ability to balance effortlessly on ones hands and even move through different shapes and patterns while inverted.


In this 90 minutes class you will get upside down with our incredible handbalancing coach Ahmed helping you along the way. From kicking up into your first handstands to hunting down the elusive one arm, training your inversions has numerous benefits and can be amazingly fun and rewarding.


Core Strengthening Class

Core Strength

Fitness Class - 30 minutes - Devoran

A strong core is a necessity for any physical task. This class will bulletproof your midline, help alleviate back pain and give you the strength required for generating force through your movements. 

Sarah | Adam

Dance Conditioning Class

On Point

Fitness Class - 60 minutes - Devoran

This class will take you through a combination of movement and dance based sequences using a range of Ballet inspired techniques to help strengthen your frame, increase extension and improve your flexibility, balance and musicality. 

Expect 60 minutes of free movement and feel good fun!


Short, Hard, Fast - HIIT

Core Conditioning

Fitness Class - 30 minutes - Devoran

High intensity interval training (HIIT).

30 minutes of the best bang-for-your-buck movements in short, hard and fast workouts.


Improve your anaerobic fitness and burn a huge amount of calories with this fun but intense class.

Sarah | Adam

Obstacle Course Training

This is Sparta

Fitness Class - 60 minutes - Devoran

Are you tough enough? 

Whether its Kernow Killer, Spartan or Tough Mudder this class is designed for those with a desire to compete and take part in obstacle course racing. 

We will teach you the movements required for conquering any challenge and leave you breathing hard and wanting more. 

This is a fun 60 minutes group workout!


Corde Lisse Classes

Corde Lisse

Aerial Skills - 90 minutes - Penzance

Wanting to expand your aerial circus skills?


Corde Lisse or aerial rope is the purest, simplest piece of aerial equipment within the world of circus and uses a rope to perform skills, tricks and movements whilst suspended in the air. 

Whilst presenting its own unique set of challenges and the obligatory 'burn', this discipline requires good upper body strength, skill and dedication to master.



Hand Stand Strength

Fitness Class - 60 minutes - Devoran

A 60 minute class focussed on developing the awareness, strength, mobility and control needed to be able to spend time upside down and standing on the hands.

Using a combination of calisthenics and weight based movements and exercises to gain confidence and strength whilst inverted. 


Mobility Classes Cornwall

Strength & Movement

Fitness Class - 60 minutes - Devoran

Training of any kind especially calisthenics requires you to learn new movement patterns through the process of skill acquisition. Our movement classes are designed to prepare the body and undo limitations placed on it from the modern world. So, kick off your shoes, find your flow and discover how to move your body in the way it was designed to.

Inspired by the revolutionary Ido Portal our movement class is designed to send you on a journey of self development and evolution. 

Learn how to crawl, jump, leap and swing the way nature intended.


Aerial Conditioning Class

Overcoming Gravity

Fitness Class - 60 minutes - Devoran

Specially designed for aerialists and aspiring aerialists this class will develop a strong, functional and mobile body whilst defying gravity. 

This class is designed to focus on leg strength, core stability, upper body strength, and shoulder mobility. The class will support you through a range of isometric holds, stabilising exercises and dynamic compound movements to help you nail that invert, pull up or iron x.


Strength and Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

Fitness Class - 60 minutes - Devoran

This class combines lifting weights with anaerobic conditioning.


Suitable for complete beginners to advanced at Sequoia we focus on 5 main lifts and movements from the squat, upper body push, pull, deadlift and bench.

Each class we will coach you through the basics or advanced versions of each lift as well as complimentary movements and exercises to really get the most from your training. 


Aerial Coach - Ruth

Aerial Trapeze (Static)

Aerial Skills - 90 minutes - Penzance

Ever wondered what it would feel like to fly?


Tap into your inner child and build strong transferrable skills for aerial Lyra (hoop), Corde Lisse (aerial rope) and Tissue (aerial silks). Static Trapeze provides a great way to build your upper body and core strength, whilst developing control in your movements and critical body awareness.



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