Sequoia offers a diverse range of fitness classes covering a fresh range of physical disciplines designed for adults in Cornwall.


Whether you're looking to increase your strength, flexibility, capability or performance we have something for everyone. 


We keep all our class sizes small so during any one of our fitness or aerial classes you get the most intensive and personalised coaching possible from our specialised & highly experienced personal trainers and group instructors.

Fitness & Aerial Classes

Devoran Studio: Unit 1, Greenbank Road, Devoran, Cornwall, TR3 6PH 

Penzance Studio: Unit 5, Truthwall Industrial Estate, Truthwall near Crowlas, Penzance, TR20 9BW

Strength & Conditioning - Fitness Classes

Calisthenics | Gymnastic Rings | Hypotrophy | Midline | Olympic LiftingOvercoming Gravity | Short, Hard, Fast |

Strength & Conditioning | Strength with Steel | This is Sparta

Skill Based - Aerial and Movement Classes

Aerial LyraAerial Trapeze Corde Lisse | Contortion | HandbalancePartner Acro | Movement & Mobility

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Mon | Wed | Thurs | Fri

For anyone wanting to upgrade their ninja skills or looking to master their back lever, muscle up, handstand pushup and more, this body weight only class will push you to new levels.

Whether you're trying to get your first pull-up or adding seconds to your front lever these sessions have something for everyone.


Gymnastic Rings

Tues | Thurs

Often referred to as the single best piece of training equipment, gymnastic rings can be used to build the most impressive upper body strength imaginable.


Aerial Lyra (Hoop)

Thurs | Fri

Learn the skills and tricks needed to run away with the circus with our aerial Lyra classes (also known as aerial hoop)


This class will build your strength, teach you beautiful moves and dynamic drops that leave you feeling accomplished and proud of what you body is capable of achieving.  


Olympic Lifting 

Tues | Sat

Build explosive power and gain athletic edge in any pursuit you're currently chasing. 


Using a mix of Olympic weightlifting and plyometrics these sessions are for those that want to be fast and powerful.

Sarah | Adam

Short, Hard, Fast

Mon | Tues | Wed | Thurs | Fri

High intensity interval training (HIIT).

30 minutes of the best bang-for-your-buck movements in short, hard and fast workouts.


Improve your anaerobic fitness and burn a huge amount of calories with this fun but intense class.


Strength with Steel 

Mon | Tues | Thurs

Gain confidence and ability with structured classes aimed at teaching strong technique and physical strength using Barbell conditioning drills, Olympic lifts, Kettlebells and free weights.




Its time to get bendy! Join our contortion class and learn the incredible skills that leave audiences in disbelief. ​

A class for beginners to advanced this class is designed for those wanting to reach beyond touching their toes and instead reach for their toes to touch their head! 

In a group environment this class makes the long hours of stretching required, fun! Providing you with a solid base of flexibility to transfer on to almost every other  circus discipline.


Hand Balance

Tues | Thurs

Our hand balance classes at Sequoia will teach you the progressions and build the strength required to master the almighty handstand.

Sarah | Adam


Mon | Tues | Wed | Thurs | Fri

A strong core is a necessity for any physical task. This class will bulletproof your midline, help alleviate back pain and give you the strength required for generating force through your movements. 


Overcoming Gravity

Mon | Thurs | Fri

Specially designed for aerialists and aspiring aerialists this class will develop a strong, functional and mobile body whilst defying gravity. 

This class is designed to focus on leg strength, core stability, upper body strength, and shoulder mobility. The class will support you through a range of isometric holds, stabilising exercises and dynamic compound movements to help you nail that invert, pull up or iron x.


Strength & Conditioning

Mon | Wed | Thurs | Fri


Aerial Trapeze (Static)


Ever wondered what it would feel like to fly?


Tap into your inner child and build strong transferrable skills for Lyra, Corde Lisse and Tissue. Static Trapeze provides a great way to build your upper body and core strength, whilst developing control in your movements and critical body awareness.


Corde Lisse

Book by appointment

Wanting to expand your aerial skills?


Corde Lisse or aerial rope is the purest, simplest piece of aerial equipment within the world of circus.

Whilst presenting its own unique set of challenges and the obligatory 'burn', this discipline requires good upper body strength, skill and dedication to master.




Muscle hypertrophy is one of the ways cells grow to adapt to changes in their environment. This class is designed for those looking to build muscle mass. 

With heavy, compound lifts this session will leave you feeling like twice the man or woman you came in as.


Mobility & Movement

Tues | Wed | Thurs

Kick off your shoes, find your flow and cut the chains of the modern world.

Inspired by the revolutionary Ido Portal our Movement & Mobility class is designed to send you on a journey of self development and evolution. 

Learn how to crawl, jump, leap and swing the way nature intended.

Duo Assaya

Partner Acro

Wed | Fri

Throw down the weights and pick up a friend. This class is designed to challenge your balance, strength, mobility and sense of fun. 

Partner Acro consists of two or more people working as either a base or a flyer, moving through static or dynamic sequences. 


This is Sparta


Are you tough enough? 

Whether its Spartan or Tough Mudder this class is designed for those with a desire to compete and take part in obstacle course racing. 

We will teach you the movements required for conquering any challenge and leave you breathing hard and wanting more. 


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