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about Sequoia

Experienced, qualified and highly motivated personal trainers and fitness coaches based in Penryn, Cornwall.

With strength and fitness specifically designed to build confidence, strength and physical ability we provide quality coaching that unlocks potential and leads to success and self discovery.

At Sequoia we believe that every human is capable of being elite and can achieve - with the right knowledge and dedication - anything within the realms of the physically possible.

Our Story

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Our Vision

For every one of our students and clients to be treated and trained like athletes.

Providing access to superior fitness classes and personal training that unlocks their physical potential and helps them discover what it is they can do with their body.

Combining training methods from various practices including circus, acrobatics, aerial arts, olympic weight lifting, calisthenics and gymnastics, our sole aim is to build agile, strong and skilful humans.

We provide a supportive community of like-minded people seeking endless challenge.

Wooden Support Block

"Surround yourself with people who add value to your life. Who challenge you to be greater than you were yesterday.  Who sprinkle magic into your existence, just like you do theirs.  Life isn't meant to be lived alone. Find your tribe and journey freely and loyally together."

Alex Elle

Training Class at Sequoia Movement


The Sequoia Movement community, provides a lifeline of support and accountability from our coaches, students and wider community you will find friends and like-minded humans you can collaborate with, train with, socialise and grow with.

Handstand Class at Sequoia Movement


Our space caters for a huge variety of passions from circus, calisthenics, climbing, weightlifting, dance and movement.

Training Space at Sequoia Movement
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