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Become exceptional. 

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their goals and unlock their physical potential. We want to give your training purpose and meaning outside of aesthetics and aim to encourage all those who train with us to reach new heights and help them discover what they truly are capable of.

We apply training techniques from a variety of disciplines such as acrobatics, gymnastics and weights based training, functional movement and flexibility; coaching a unique combination of strength, calisthenics, circus, skill and dance - we aim to create highly adaptable, agile and extremely able humans. 

Welcome to Sequoia Movement. A home for creativity and adventure through movement and the first of its kind in Cornwall. 

At sequoia we offer aerial, floor and strength based fitness classes, designed for those who want to explore and discover the full extent of what their bodies are capable of. Whether you want to learn Calisthenics or Handstands, Olympic Lifting or Gymnastics Rings we have fitness classes and coaches specific to all. 

Based in Devoran and Penzance, Cornwall, we have a huge variety of strength and conditioning classes aimed at building stronger more agile humans. Focusing on movement, calisthenics, weight training and skills development our fitness classes encourage control and physical betterment in a fun and encouraging environment and community. 


Every class is pre-programmed and every movement is scalable making every single one of our sessions suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced.

Classes available: Movement, Stretch, Olympic Lifting, Calisthenics, Strength and Conditioning, Partner Acrobatics, HIIT, Aerial Lyra, Aerial Trapeze, Aerial Rope, Aerial Silks, Contortion, Handstands, Dance Conditioning, Aerial Conditioning, Circus Rings and more..  

Our personal training sessions include individually tailored fitness programmes that challenge, motivate and unlock potential.

Online Training 

Train with us online. If you have a goal but are unsure of how to approach the training, this is a great place to start.

First, we start with a video call so we can learn more about who you are, your goals, your training situation and determine your current level of ability.


Unearth the ability to display strength throughout your entire range of motion.


Discover the full extent of how powerful your body can be.

Skill Aquisition

Explore your physical agility to train both your body and mind.


Build a body capable of dealing with the unknown creating strength and power in mind and body 


Learn how to create beauty and art in feats of strength and movement, perform complex shapes and expressive sequences.


Find expression and alignment taking yourself outside the box.  

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Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning class in Cornwall.